How to get the Best Quality Blinds

When it comes to blinds we believe that quality is incredibly important, with Phoenix you will of course get excellent service as well, like a complete measuring, design and fitting service but today we’ll be talking about quality.

You will find blinds cheaper elsewhere, we obviously cannot compete on price with the internet people who just want to chuck as many blinds out as possible at any quality, but then we’re not offering the same quality or the same service so I guess it’s not a fair comparison and I hope you’ll take that into consideration too.

So what makes Phoenix Blinds quality shine above the rest? There are several reasons, perhaps it’s the thick gauge of aluminium we use for our vertical and roller blinds, or the depth of paint finish and powder coating finish to our vertical headrail section, the wheels and runners using a quality PVCu that’s not going to degrade or discolour in the sun.

Another good example is the quality of Shutters, all Shutters are made abroad and over 90% from Malaysia, It’s important that the wood is kiln dried twice and more importantly that is has been acclimatised for English conditions or perhaps it’s important to you that the wood comes from sustainable forests, ours is all of those things and more.

The materials, processes and weaves used on all of our fabrics and woods have all of the qualities that you would expect, so not only will the blinds look fantastic, they will perform better and last a lot longer too.

So, how do we measure quality? Well in my view it’s the whole package, Its’ value! and value is determined by all of the factors that go in to the buying process and that’s summed up in the following list

Value = Having the following
• A local showroom
• A phone number you can ring
• A home design service
• A measuring service
• A fitting service
• An after sales service
• Buying from someone you can trust
• Quality of components
• Quality of fabrics
• Quality of wood
• Experienced qualified carpenters


In summary then I hope I've purveyed our quality and that you can believe me when I say that our quality across the whole range is quite simply un-surpassed but quality should also be attributed to the service that you receive to give overall long lasting value.

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