June 4, 2015

Roman Blinds


Phoenix's Roman Blinds are made from soft fabric that cascades to form an elegant sophisticated feel to your home, our Roman blinds come fully lined with a choice of blackout or dim-out and in white or
cream. The standard operation is by way of a pull cord and cleat tidy, the Deluxe option comes with a larger and elegant sturdy top rail and metal chain operation.


Our Roman blind soft fabric collection covers the entire colour spectrum and includes
the latest trends and styles. Fabrics range from luxurious faux silks to sumptuous
suedes. A wide selection of plains and textures complete the collection.

Suitable for

Roman blinds are suitable for most situations including, living rooms,dining rooms,
bedrooms and conservatories.

  • Elegant, Sophisticated and luxurious
  • 100s of Plains and Patterned designs
  • Blackout and Dimout linings available
  • Made to Measure and Professionally fitted
  • Child Safety features
roman blinds

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