June 4, 2015



Wooden Shutters are quite simply the most stylish window covering you can buy. We'll measure and design your shutters and and then expertly fit them. Wooden Window Shutters a little more expensive than other types of blinds but are designed to last for decades so in the long term will be great value for money, and don't forget we'll match any quote, on a like-for-like basis from any of our competitors to guarantee you'll get the best possible quality at the best possible price. See below for the diffent styles available

Suitable For

All of our Shutters are fully made to measure and will suit any window and can even be made to any shape including arches, circles and triangles


Our S-Craft Shutters are 'The Best Shutters on the Market'. World leading manufacturing with hand crafted finishing touches. Our wood is stored for 6 months then kiln dried twice before being treated. Engineered stiles for strength with mortice and tenon joints - NOT weaker dowel joints that some companies use. We are 100% confident of our quality.

Full Height Wooden Shutters

Full height shutters are possibly our most sought after shutter style. Shutter panels run the full height of the window or door. One control mechanism is fitted to each panel, or should you wish to utilise the privacy bar (mid-rail) then the panels will be split into separately operable louvre sections. A full height shutter installation is generally made up of rectangular or square shutter panels that span the full height of the shutter and window frame. With the inclusion of a privacy bar they can be divided into two or more sets of operating louvres. This addition is more commonly known as a shutter mid-rail. The mid rail provides added integrity to larger shutter panels, can be used for aesthetics (to match the rails on your window) and also for added functionality, allowing top and bottom louvre sets to be moved as required, this is perfect for maintaining privacy in the home and controlling light. Full height plantation window shutters, can be ordered in all our materials from our entry level MDF shutters to our range topping FSC certified Sumatra shutters including our 100% waterproof Java range. Your S:CRAFT stockist should always discuss the options with you to allow you to decide the most appropriate style to suit your interior design needs.


Tier On Tier Wooden Shutters

Tier-on-Tier offers the same practicalities as the Café style shutter installation but with a second tier of shutters situated on the top half of the frame. Both top and bottom shutter panels can fold away or be kept in situ. Tier-on-Tier shutters are possibly the most flexible style that we offer, functioning in the same manner as full height shutters except where we would normally place a mid-rail the panel is in fact split into two separate operating sections. This allows the top half to be folded right out of the way, so that you can maximise the light ingress, whilst maintaining privacy through the lower panels.


Tracked Wooden Shutters

We offer two styles of tracked shutters, Bi-Fold and By-Pass. Both styles utilise a track system (in the same manner as a sliding patio door). A small trolley wheel system enables each panel to glide open and closed. Depending on the style and location of the installation as well as the size of the panels required you will be advised as to whether both a top and bottom track is required. Tracked shutter systems are perfect for installations where long runs of shutter panels are required. This could be a large by-fold patio door system for example, or perhaps simply a room divider. No matter the length of your window span we can supply shutters to fit. It all depends on the look and feel you want and the width limitations – we only manufacture up to a certain width to ensure the integrity of the shutter panel is at its highest.


Cafe Style Wooden Shutters

As its name suggests Café style shutters replicate the half height privacy accorded to customers sitting by a café window. The lower section is shuttered allowing privacy and light control to be regulated whilst the top section lets the light into the room, keeping it bright and airy throughout the day. Café Style Shutters provide a touch of class to any interior and are ideal for providing additional privacy to street level and street facing widows. The shutter panels and frames are half the height of our full height shutters and the top rail of the shutter panel is usually positioned to sit in line with the horizontal window frame.


Shaped Wooden Shutters

No matter the shape or size of your window we are sure that we have a shutter solution to meet your requirements. By opening up these features with shutters you immediately get control of your surroundings as well as an increased living area. Our special shapes include triangles, trapezoids, arches and port holes. And the amazing benefit of our shutters is that this is a functional solution rather than just a window dressing.


4 thoughts on “Shutters

  • I am interested in shutters but have been told they are very expensive. Also that they would takebbetween 10 to 12 weeks to arrive. do you do anyiinterest free mmonthly payment plans? I ammmoving into a new property wwithin the next 3 wweeks and require window covering for all the windows. I look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards
    Elaine stockley

    • Good afternoon Elaine,

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

      Shutters are a bit more expensive than traditional blinds but are designed and built to last for decades, so In the medium to long term they work out at incredible value for money.

      Delivery is usually 8-10 weeks for us, this is fairly standard throughout the industry but they can be air-freighted in approximately 4 weeks.
      We do have a new range of Shutters that might fit the bill though, and they’re made in the UK, and they would take approx 3 to 4 weeks, please ask about Faux-Wood Shutters if you need any more information.

      I’m sorry we do not do any finance packages at the moment.

      Please call us on 023 92 82 99 33 or visit us at the shop, you’d be very welcome!

      Phoenix Team

    • Hi Peter,

      Yes we do site visits, we’ll bring along all the samples and we can measure for you. Please call us on 02392 82 99 33 or visit the showroom and we’ll take it from there.

      Thanks for you enquiry.

      Phoenix Blinds

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